Thursday, May 13, 2010

You are My Sunshine Award

One of the first things I did when I got back online today was to check my email and I found a comment  from Melissa @ Suger Coat It on my Mother's Day post and something for me on her blog about a surprise.  I was naturally curious to see what she had written as it's been a pretty disconnected time for me over the past few days with my crazy internet connection.

I opened up the tab to find that she had given me her personally designed 

............ The You are my Sunshine ~ Supportive Commenter Award.

I was so surprised and it really brought a smile to my face:) and I was truly touched that she thought of awarding me with her award. Me? Wow!.... and better yet she actually designed this award!!! 

I really enjoy reading Melissa's blog Suger Coat It, she's a fun loving person who always seems to see the brighter sweeter side to life. She blogs about her life and is an amazing link to other interesting blogs out there.... if it's out there she's sharing it all with us! Such a joy to read and great photos too but most of all she's makes you smile after a good read and you just can't help but want to know more about how she can suger coat your life too!... and she also has this great Colours of Friday feature which appears on Friday, of course!!!

And so I've been given this award (thanks again!!) but first I must tell you how much a supportive comment means to me. 

I started writing this blog as a spinoff from my other blog Simply About Life, where I blog about food and recipes and this side of the island is more of a personal blog about me and my family. I blog to write about things that are going in my life, or just anything that I feel like sharing. I blog to get it out there but not necessary for the purpose of having it read by everyone but when you're having a good or bad day and someone makes a supportive comment it's like someone else reaching out to you..... I know what your going through kind of thing. It's a connection that identifies you with that reader. It maybe from a follower or just someone who shares that very same feeling you when you posted that blog. I may not know you or I do but when that someone comments and cares enough to say something it acknowledges you... it matters and I'm happy to share that connection.

I also blog for my family back in Sydney to keep in touch and let them know I what's happening in this part of the woods or island. My mum and sister read this blog and even though my mum might not comment she'll be right on the phone talking about something I've written or Skyping to catch up with the grandkids.

There's a few things that I have to do before I can receive this award. Here are the rules. It's simple really. Tell us WHY you love comments and pass it on and congratulate the proud new owners...

I would like to pass this award to the following people who have made those special comments that made my day warmer and brighter...

Michelle @ Warsaw Mommy

Kristin @ Wanderlust


  1. Awwwww dear Cinda,

    You are such a sweetheart to say those sweet words. I have been so deep down with my exams this week that i haven't been able to post on my blog. Just one more exam tomorrow and i'll be back... I feel good already. Thankyou for giving me this award. This award means a lot to me and getting it again makes it even more special. Thanks for considering me among that list beautiful people. I should be writing tomorrow and i'll make sure that i'll write about this too.... Thanks again. :-)

  2. its called theraphy!!! Cheap one too!!

  3. Ratz: Thanks for being there for me! Always look forward to a bit of Ratz wisdom! Good luck with the exams!

    Donald:This is my hubby who puts up with the midnight blogging...... Trying to be funny .....

  4. Thanks!! I have seen this award on other people's blogs and coveted one: I LOVE yellow ;)

  5. Michelle: Glad you like it! You add sunshine to everyone's day with your blog ;)

  6. Cinda, thank you!! Okay, NOW I know what you were talking about. I didn't know about this blog, only about your cooking one -- I was so confused!! I found this one through the link on Mummy Mayhem. You are such a sweetheart! xo




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