Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Best Foodie Critic......

After a busy day in the kitchen, up to my arms in flour baking Hot Cross Buns and trying to make an Easter lunch. I had left the task of supervising my little "trouble maker" in the hands of my capable hubby......

Having woken up earlier from his 5 min Power nap and a few rounds of chasing the cat, my little TM was over come with hungry and ready for his lunch. Yelling out "mummm mummm mummm" and  pointing to his high chair. It was time for food....Mmmmm food!

So given that it's a long weekend and hubby wanted to watch Jacob, I thought sure he's ok it's only lunch and he'll be fine with dad.......

Lunch today was Roasted Thai Chicken with Curried Pumpkin and Jacob, being the hands-on 15 month old is really very good with his food. Eats anything, bread, cheese, and loves the vegies, esp. the orange kind. Only thing he won't eat are bananas, too mushy for him and he'll always scrunch up his nose when he smells it.

Anyway, after finishing off his first serving and asking for extra pumpkin I thought he was taking his time with his food. So I popped out of the kitchen to check on him and see what  he was up to with dad. They were both just too quiet.....

This is what I found!!!!
                And where was dad???...watching replays of the start up for Formula 1.

Having a nap on a soft pillow of rice, chicken and pumpkin!!!

The Best Foodie Critic.........completely satisfied and fast asleep


  1. Ahhh yes, the sleep after the feast! Great pics!!

  2. We cleaned baby up and he didn't even wake up. He loves his food and never misses a nap!




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