Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where do you blog?

I came across Helloowl: My Place and Yours.

And this weeks theme is chosen by Talia and is Where do you blog?

..... Mmmmm... On a tiny second hand desk that was originally from my daughter's room. A desk covered with little pencil nicks and remnants of old stickers. A clutter of books, paper on the side and an old mug full of pens and pencils. A few notes to spend on my next shopping trip. And my link to the outside world, my Dell.

I'll read, think and blog from this tiny desk at all hours of the day but it's my little place in my bedroom that connects me to yours.  

Although it's a small place in the corner of my bedroom I only have to look outside to see my side of the world.

... that's my daughter, Ashley playing on her game, Jacob's cot and my green mango tree from Under the Green Mango Sky.


  1. Hieee...

    Nice place. I should do this sometime

  2. Oh gosh you haven't seen the mess but it's all a work in progress...

  3. I like it. I feel calm just looking at the shot with the window.

  4. Thanks Tmena. I love to look out at the window too. It's so alive with the birds now hovering around the ripe mangoes.




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