Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter!!! Wishing everyone a wonderful blessed Easter, a special time for family, friendship,  fun and laughter. 

Easter has always been a time of new life, renewal of faith and for many it's the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. A special time for families and for most kids a time for...........colourful easter eggs, decorating easter eggs, easter egg hunts, easter gifts, chocolate easter eggs, lots of chocolate and ............ the easter bunny.

.......Now, how did the easter bunny get into this?

I can understand the significance of the egg symbolising life emerging renewed. Brightly decorated with a rainbow of colours, traditionally a boiled egg but nowadays a delicious chocolate egg; dark rich chocolate or creamy milk chocolate wrapped in shiny colourful foil. Usually scattered and hidden around for the fun of a traditional Easter game of treasure hunting. But how did the bunny get to deliver the eggs and why is he suddenly becoming more popular?

The Easter Bunny. Is this bunny for u?

Well, first of all I heard that chocolate is suppose to be good for you, as long as it's dark unsweetened chocolate and not the milky kind.  A daily dose of dark chocolate can probably keep your blood pressure down and help your heart
........So it's official then,  Chocolate is good for you!!, just a little................. 

A chocolate a day might keep the doctor away...

Now back to the easter bunny, the little rabbit or hare that's suppose to symbolise fertility actually dates back to a Germany origin easter treat and somehow it got tied into the whole easter bunny legend. A cute, cuddly fluffy bunny.............. 

I can understand  eating the whole chocolate egg business but I can't bring myself to eat that chocolate easter bunny. You see I've had too many pet bunnies in my time, a total of about 8 and many fond memories. So for me, a little bunny means so much more........Stewie, Christmas, Morgan, Alex, Dusty,etc......I'll always remember you

So while you're eating those yummy Easter eggs (dark chocolate of course!!) give a thought to all those cute real live bunnies that get thrown into the Easter celebrations and remember the true meaning of Easter............LIFE

Happy Easter!!!!


  1. Heya, I just found your blog through Blog This and thought I'd pop over and say hi! I loved this post, and that picture of the rabbit is so cute! I really want a bunny but Mr.P won't let me get one, he says we have enough trouble with 2 Guinea Pigs, and I must say they are pretty cool too. Happy Easter!

  2. TQ for dropping by!. I've been a bunny fan since I was 12 but with a family bunny plot under the gum at my parent's place I'm now a reformed cat lover. The cat in my pics is Sakura, my other baby.




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