Friday, April 16, 2010

...........a picture is worth a thousand words

I was in the middle of taking a photo for my food blog and my camera just died.... a 5 yr Canon Powershot..... gone.... I had turned it on and just as the image appeared in the screen it disappear just as fast. I thought maybe the battery needs a charge so I took out the battery and a metal connector at the back of the case just broke off. No hope in fixing that!!

I was crushed... no camera and my camera on my phone wouldn't be able to do the job...What was I going to do???

.....a friend, a professional photographer for desperately needed help. Can I adopt a pre-loved digital camera??? Um....a professional photographer's cameras are like his babies, so no chance there but better yet a contact with his fav camera shop.... thank you thank you Melvin.

So I now have a new baby, a little Nikon L21!!! Picked it up this afternoon and quickly got down to testing it on a couple of sunset pics.

On the way to pick up my daughter 

Heading home.... somewhere in the background is Mt Kinabalu

This one was a little blurry because my hubby was turning the corner at the traffic junction.

A pink Nikon Coolpix...... sadly I wasn't allowed to have this colour.... my hubby won't let me so I had to pick the neutral champagne colour.

1 comment:

  1. What a cute little camera! Pink is lovely, but I'm sure champagne is just as nice!




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