Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Photo Meme..................

I recently joined FYBF and dropped by  to read Warsaw Mommy's blog and saw she had a really great  Meme up. It was a beautiful picture and such a touching story behind it and I felt complied to take part in this meme and hope you can too. So here we go.

These are the rules:

1. Open your first (oldest) photo folder in your computer library
2. Scroll to the 10th photo
3. Post the photo and the story behind it
4. Tag 5 or more people to continue the thread

And here is the 10th photo in the oldest photo library on my computer drive:

This picture was taken by my husband on the 50th wedding anniversary of his parents in 2001. They were renewing their wedding vows in front of family and friends at their house and it was such a significant time for all our us.

Although this picture shows a loving couple once again exchanging those same vows of matrimony it was a different story not long before this was taken that we couldn't imagine it ever taking place. Two people growing together as a couple and sharing so many great times together and being a rock for each other along the way.

Before this picture was taken my mother-in-law had suffered a dark episode of depression, something she couldn't seem to come out of and or ever see the way of breaking through whatever was troubling her. It struck her down so hard that she was silent with the pain, she was unable not talk about or share with even those so close to her. She received all the care and love that we could give her and she had to endure many treatments to bring her out of the depths.

From the very start her husband, stood by her side, giving her constant words of encouragement and love for the woman he had known since he first saw her as a young woman attending church. He didn't know her at the time but he would always look out for her during mass and eventually had the courage to  get to know her and her family. I guess it was love at first sight for him and he won her over with his charm and grace.

Years before this illness took over my MIL, my father-in-law was found to be suffering from cancer and after years of treatment was in remission. My MIL looked after his health and diet and she was a rock for him when he was going through his ups and downs with cancer treatment. After coming into remission, being in a good state of health my FIL was at his best. The both of them having brought up a family of eight kids and enjoying the spoils of twenty plus grandchildren, she was suddenly caught in the dark of depression and it was her husband switching roles of carer to look after her.

She slowly recovered and somehow was able to recover in time to celebrate their lives together of 50 years for this anniversary. My FIL had given us the go ahead to organise the wedding celebration and because she had only recently gotten better we as a family had a week to work out a surprise celebration for them.

So this picture has so much emotion attached to it for all the joys and downfalls they faced together and the happiness they shared at that moment renewing their love for each other.... It brought the whole family together with all that they had been through to get this far and an inspiration for us all....Sadly, my FIL passed away two years later after cancer once again came to take him away from us.

..... This photo had so many memories and I was surprised to see this as my 10th.

Anyway, here's my tag list.

1. Brenda @ MummyTime
2. Angeling @ A Slice of My Life
3. Mrs P @ A Study in Contradictions
4. Lucy @ Diminishing Lucy
5. Corinne @ A day in the life

So if you're reading this now and if you haven't taken up the meme or if you have, pls comment and leave a link.


  1. Every one has such great stories to share... this is a beautiful post with all the possible emotions.... I am sorry about your loss Cinda. Love has always been my subject of criticism but i do believe that there are beautiful people sharing beautiful love and everytime i question, i am proved wrong.

    Thankyou for sharing this

  2. Thanks Ratz.He was a wonderful man and the best FIL.
    Have you heard of this Photo Meme? Would you like to try it. Please join me in this meme and tag 5 friends.
    I've been reading a few blogs with this meme and it's a really good just don't know what you find.

  3. Beautiful post, Cinda. Thanks for the share.

    And thanks for the tag too.X

  4. Oooh, what a lovely photo. And the story behind it is the best kind of story: a bit heartbreaking and a bit sad and very, very beautiful. It has grace.

    I'm so glad my photo meme inspired you. I'm going to take a little look around your blog now. I lived in Asia but never got to Malysia, so I'm really curious ;)

  5. Thank you. We miss him terribly....he was a great dad, FIL and I'm happy to have had him in our lives.
    Where did you live in Asia? I grew up all over the place too! Malaysia, Taiwan and the Netherlands...and back to Syd.




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