Friday, April 23, 2010

A Stitch Away.....

Once upon a time when I had a beautiful young daughter.... I use to make her things that I hope someday she would keep and give to her own daughter. Handmade stitches, bullion stitches and delicate rose buds.. cotton threads, ribbons and lace. A christening gown, a birthday dress and a dress for Christmas mass....I use to make all those for her.....

Christening Gown in a bishop design with dusty pink rosebuds.

Jacob wearing the Christening Gown for his Baptism

A few handmade dresses full of memories to keep....

All grown up.....

She's all grown up now and more beautiful than before and moving on with the next stage in her life .... getting ready for high school ...... and just growing up to soon. How I wish I could make those dresses again... every stitch, every design was made for her... but now that 's she's older and her taste have changed I'll once again sew but now it's for handbags and tote bags... 

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  1. Awww. Such a sweet post, Cinda.X

  2. It's like she's suddenly grown up over night.... and no more my little girl. I miss all those girlie things, the dress ups and her "princess" days.

  3. Hi jumped over from mummy-time!

    What a GREAT christening outfit. I hope to get my little boy christened in Australia later this year.

  4. Hi Lulu!
    Thanks for dropping by. It's one of my favourites. I've made so many dresses for her and I just can't bear to part with them. I actually made 2 of those dresses, one for me and the other was for my cousin. I love to sew and smock dresses but I don't have any more little girls, just a 12 yr old now.
    I must start sewing again... I have to make some little dresses for friends instead.

    Oh your little boy is so cute. Can't wait to see those pics next year. ... I can understand the whole living in a foreign country thing. I miss home terribly and having the culture shock over here...

  5. Hi, came over from aussie-mummy bloggers! Love your dresses:) Your very good at sewing, especially smocking, I wish I had the patience for smocking:)

  6. Thank you. A friend taught me how to smock but it took alot of patience and unpicking but I eventually go the hang of it. I started making dresses for my daughter and several of her friends...long time ago. I'm planning to get back into sewing but it's harder with a little one around. I've actually got a dress to sew but it's only partially done and still sitting on my sewing desk for the past 1 1/2 months... too busy blogging and cooking!




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