Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The First Cut is the Deepest......

The First Cut is the Deepest.....   yes, especially if it's the first haircut!

I've been thinking about trimming Jacob's hair for some time now. It had grown a little out of shape and 3 bits of tassels were growing all over the place. Long bits and short bits all different lengths and falling over his head like a toupe! 

"Trim his hair." the hairdresser would say but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I just couldn't.... It's his baby hair! So fine and the last remaining hold on his baby days. 

He's still my baby.....

But yesterday I decided to give him a "little trim" just to sort of tidy it up a bit. Neaten the back and leave the front untouched. He doesn't have much hair in the front so I left that alone.

The three little tassels of hair... all different lengths.

And so I cut his hair, tied up the longer side bits with elastic and.......cut! Well so it seemed. I hesitated a few times trying to talk myself out of it but I knew I had to do it.... you see my dad will be coming over for a visit and I wanted to pass him some of Jacob's hair for my mum... a scapbooking fan and I wanted her to have a keepsake for her scrapbook on the grandkids. 

So I took the scissors and cut one ponytail of hair and I knew from then on I had to finish it off. Oh he struggled and moved around wondering what I was doing and in a little over 45 mins his hair was trimmed back. Done!

Where’s my hair Mummy?   

   Hair all bundled and packaged for the album

The new look!

A good haircut deserves a nap!


  1. Really cute...... Definitely a good haircut deserves a nap.

  2. He was really tired after the haircut. Just so much wiggling around must have exhausted him. I think he was more interested in the scissors!




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