Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's on your keyring?

This week’s theme over at Hello Owl’s My Place and Yours is:

What’s on your keyring?

Let's start with the house keys...
I've had this keyring for a long time... It's actually the keyring my hubby gave me when we started going out together... it was the keyring he used for his bachelor pad!! Anyway he bought the keyring when he was studying at uni in Minnesota, US.... some 20+ years ago (Gosh it's so old!). Let me see there's the front door grill key, a back door padlock key, another padlock key (I don't why it's still here that padlock is long gone.) and then the front door key.... I like this keyring despite the age and it's worn out leather but I've had it for as long as I've been with my hubby so I guess it's kind of like my "first" ring that he gave me.

The other important keyring in my life...... the car keys!
This is my key to freedom, carpooling, trips to the beach and shopping! As you can guess from these keyring I'm a Toyota woman. A typical mummy people mover, my little wheels the Toyota Avanza. Fits everyone and lot's of space for just about anything. The little tassel  is something my hubby was given when he went over to Japan. It's all hand sewn using pretty Japanese fabric and decorated with little glass beads... a bit old now but I love anything hand sewn.


  1. AWWWW..... i can see why you hold onto them so dearly. They are of great value. It is great that could keep them so safe and in good condition.

  2. Hi Ratz! Oh but I have a tendency to lose them in my bottomless pit of a handbag. LOL I'm forever "losing" my keys and phone in my handbag and it takes me ages to dig them out :)

  3. That is a universal thing. Happens everywhere. Where do you think my spare keys are? LOL

  4. Go the Toyota!!! Thanks for your visit today - I love the little tassle. And what a great story for the first set!




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