Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Cook/bake something new each day or every other day". Challenge

I've taken this from my other blog, Simply About Life. It's about food, food, food .................

...33 post so far, I'm enjoying this....

I actually started my food challenge in February 2010 

"Cook/bake something new each day or every other day".

it just started out with a few photos that I took to put on my Facebook and to send back home. Just snaps of all the food that I was cooking for the family never thinking about blogging at the time until I read an article somewhere about people showing the world what they eat by taking pictures of every they eat. 

It's kind of like whipping out the camera just before you eat, capturing the moment in time....a food diary of some sort. I thought that was a little obsessive huh....umm hold on let me take a shot first before u bite into that!!!

But it got me thinking so I did a bit of research and checked out a few blogs and thought ... yeah I could do this. Just keep taking the pictures and write a bit about the food and the recipe.

Well, to let you know all the food is basically something that I've cooked for the day, either lunch, dinner or a snack of some sort. My "Studio" is my tiny kitchen counter, my daughter's desk near the window, the coffee table near the front balcony or lately the dining table (a glass table but too much reflection with the camera). And I'll usually prep my   photo shot on a presentable dish/corning ware, etc and take a snap with the camera. My lighting prop is a desk light and my grip is either one of the kids holding the light!!

I guess the best thing about this blog and challenge so far is that everyday I'm always thinking of what to cook, even though most of these dishes I've cooked many times before. Sometimes I'll write them out in my recipe book or I'll be typing away scrambling my head recounting all the cooking steps and all the ingredients I used. 

I'll usually post a blog after all the kids are asleep and that is probably close to midnight but it's nice and quiet and I can "think" without any interruptions. Besides this Foodie blog, I'm also blogging about other things that pop into my head, day to day stuff, something that has inspired me or just something interesting and that's on my This side of the island blog... Have a read and leave a comment if you like.

Anyway, it's been fun to read the comments from this blog and see all my visitors from all over the place. It's also been nice to see a couple comments from FoodbuzzFoodista and Petitchef and invitations to join their sites. Not bad but now I get to post some of my blog posts on their site too... bit more work but I get to meet more people.

So I hoping to see my Foodie Challenge through to the end of the year...or more. Have a read, try it out and how about joining the challenge too and ....
"Cook/bake something new each day or every other day".
My kids love it and hubby always comes home to say "What are we eating today??"


  1. Hi Cinda. Because of you I've started to cook more often. Everyday my husband calls me on his way home from work and ask: "U wanna eat?" to which I reply: "I cooked" and he'd respond:"Waaaa, serious ah u these days!" and I'd explain, "I've got 2 years to learn to cook for the kid/s" and we'd both laugh. Yes, its great to cook. it's great to eat at home together. It's great having blog like yours to refer to. Keep cookin, keep blogging about it for newbies like me Cinda!

  2. I love to cook and try out new recipes. I only wish I didn't have to go to every supermarket to find ingredients and had more time in the kitchen to experiment.........and I wish I had my dream kitchen too with all those magical appliances too!!!
    Actually cooking at home is easier than going out for me esp. with Ash and Tristan finishing school at different times of the day. Jacob also gets pretty messy when we go out so sometimes it's easier to save the drama and eat at home...but don't get me wrong I still love to go out to eat cos that's when I get inspired to recreate dishes.
    TQ for following my blog..... so u up to the challenge to try out a new dish each day???

  3. Yup, its a hassle to eat out when you have kids. Its a hassle too with our little Amy-ah. When we eat out, most times I'm swallowing my saliva as I watch hubby eat and me holding on to Amy. I steal a few bites now and again, but usually I have to wait for him to finish before I can really eat. Whereas at home, we just put her in her walker and I can cook and eat in peace.

    I'm trying a new dish every week for now! I'll take on your challenge starting the Merry month of May which is in a couple of weeks.

    The thing is, our kitchen is really understocked. I cook with whatever is in there and most times, its the same ingredient. I have to improve and come up with a weekly checklist for a full week menu.

  4. Hi Cin,
    I've finally got around to resetting my Blogger account password and commenting on your blog(s).

    Congratulations on your great success with your blogs and I think you might have understood and used the art of blogging better than I have anyway.

    Hope to see more delicious dishes posted on your blog(s) in the future!




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