Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Batik Sarong

I love flowers. Don't you? I love beautiful pink fushia waterlilies, tulips, lily of the valley and orchids. Actually it does have to be pink but I think that's the best colour that really brings out the beauty of my favourite flowers.

I was given this piece of batik sarong from my Aunty Bree and she had given to me when my daughter was born. I think it was one of her favourite pieces and it soon became one of mine too. I love the different shades of green up against the pink and orange flowers. It was a lovely piece which I have cherished over the years but time had worn the fabric in some places and so I wanted to preserve the best parts of it.

This flower is one of the main features so I embroidered a few simple stitches to highlight the flower.

I decided to make a bag out of the material and feature the larger flowers with some simple stitches using some DMC thread. A simple kind of bag with both sides featuring the main and body part of the batik sarong material. The darker green side is usually the front panel of the sarong and the lighter green is the part that wraps around you. 

The bag isn't too big but enough to carry the essentials for a quick trip with baby... fits 2 nappies and baby wipes but not my bag organiser! I made an inner pocket with 2 compartments to fit my phone and the keys. I would have liked to use a lighter green cotton lining but I didn't have any at the time and just used a white lining instead. 

The featured flower is at the bottom of the bag and is on one side of the bag.

This is the other side of the bag with the lap to close it. I highlighted another flower at the bottom. 

I like that it features the flowers but most of all it definitely looks very Malaysian with the batik print. I think I have to make one for my sister... she's another handbag fan!


  1. That is just gorgeous - love the contrast of the flower prints!

  2. I love this print!! I'm still searching for another one just like it. TQ

  3. These are such beautiful floral patterns. It's so hard to come by good, quality hand made embroidery craftmanship these days, this looks great!




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